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You will find here some of my former clients’ opinions about my work. But these are just examples. I can contact you with them if you’d like to ask about specific details.

 I had the great pleasure to attend Dominika’s coaching sessions last year and experience such positive value these meetings brought to me – personally as well as professionally. Dominika’s professional background and exceptional coaching skills combined with her positive attitude, patience and her open mindset helped me find more fulfilment within my work and my private life, and find balance within the roles I am filling every day, which I found challenging before. She has been a source of energy and inspiration and I would highly recommend her to any individual or organization looking to introduce a mindful approach in their lives and careers.

Karolina, Manager – Learning & Development Europe, Amsterdam

 Dominika and I started our sessions at a point in my life when I needed to work on personal and professional matters. From the beginning she made me feel comfortable and safe to share not only my experiences, but also my insecurities and fears, without any judgement. During the 7 months that we met, she helped me to see matters under a different light and she shared tools with me that I will keep on using for the rest of my life. Our sessions helped me see what I really want in my personal life and make decisions based on my values. I also grew more confident and assertive at work and together we created a base that offers stability in difficult situations. Dominika is a very talented person, with great ability to listen and understand one’s situation, she also creates empowerment that each individual needs.

Foteini, Talent Acquisition Manager, Amsterdam

 Let me put that short and simple – working with Dominika was a life changing experience, in many ways. Thanks to our sessions I grew as a person, by understanding that the key in life is to stay in balance between „being” and „doing”. Our sessions empowered me to start my small business, the project I dreamed of but was also afraid to start for some time.  Dominika is an amazing coach, with a great ability to connect with clients. She will empower you to continue life journey, with a balance between well-being and external goals you want to achieve.  Being aware of my deeply rooted values, learning to treat people (including myself) as a whole, staying curious about life and others – I know that this is a start of the journey that I want to continue…

Joanna, Photographer, Amsterdam

  I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic workshop. Dominika has done an awesome job of bringing the concept of emotional intelligence to the training and development arena in my team. She showed us how correct communication can strengthen the spirit of our departments. During the training, she opened our eyes to the things we did not notice, which helped us to understand the behaviour of our team members. The most important thing for me is that we have learned practical skills that bring benefits in everyday work. Her approach and depth of knowledge made the sessions enjoyable, very cheerful and motivating for further work. Thanks to Dominika, I have had the opportunity to experience a team transformation. Without hesitation, I would strongly recommend her skills in people development, coaching and training. I am confident in saying it will be of significant value to any organization.

Leszek, Head of Metering and Smart Metering, Warsaw

 I started working with Dominika shortly after I became a manager. Myself and my people were a group of people working in one room, but coming to work I didn’t really feel we were a team. I asked Dominika to organize 3 trainings, which would improve communications and help us become a well-working team. Results of these trainings outgrew my expectations. Dominika created a safe and trusting atmosphere, which helped even the most closed colleagues to open up and share their working & communication preferences. At the same time everyone really enjoyed themselves. My team evaluated the trainings as very useful in understanding the needs of their colleagues. For me as a new team leader it was a good opportunity to get to know my people and vice versa. During the trainings, together with Dominika, we created space to communicate my vision and expectations to the team. We worked out new strategies to support our work. Today, looking back, I know how much these trainings helped me establish good relations with the team and create good working atmosphere.

Malgorzata, Operational Sales Support Manager, Warsaw

 Coaching with Dominika helped me to get to know myself better and develop the awareness about who I am in different dimensions: personal, career and family wise. Sessions helped me to achieve my goals and build self-confidence. As a result of the coaching process I can honestly say that I know better how to deal with difficult situations.

Joanna, Accountant, Amsterdam