Growth Garden


Coaching for individuals

Our potential is always bigger than the challenges we face.

Coaching provides a great opportunity to learn about yourself through understanding your potential. This process helps you create clarity and the life you desire. It is not only about achieving specific goals through asking the right questions. You will also have the opportunity to develop thinking based on embracing each and every part of yourself. This self–reflection will act as a starting point in designing activities required to fulfil your goals.

However, the most important result at the end of the coaching process is not the goals achieved, but who you become along the way of change. Our work together will be deep and intense – a process that will expose your blocking beliefs, discover your values and motivators. You will work with the tools that increase awareness and deep reflection, designed to impact and build confidence allowing you to fully express yourself.

Expat support – mentoring and coaching

Wherever there is uncertainty, there is also opportunity.

Living abroad is a transformational journey. An amazing experience that pushes you to redefine yourself in a new environment. It is a life-changing adventure. But at the same time, the redefinition of your family, social and emotional network can lead to feeling lost, rootless and, in some cases, cause anxiety and loneliness.

To ease the transition, I can help you build emotional resilience and adapt to these significant challenges. Whilst working together, you will explore and understand the psychological processes that are driving this change. I would like to help you develop the understanding and empowerment that will enable you to get the most out of your new, cross-cultural life.