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Is a process

- You decide when it begins

Is a process

- You decide when it begins

Welcome to Growth Garden,

My name is Dominika. I am a Trainer, Coach (PCC, CPCC) and Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. As a learning & development expert with over 12 years of corporate experience in HR, I support companies and individuals in professional and personal growth. I am based in Dublin but coaching everywhere!

What pivotal times we live in! During the pandemic crisis we are all called to check who we are at our core. Everything is changing. How we work and live. It is hard enough to navigate through this uncertainty and volatility – add on top of that the state of the world today, with its restlessness and ambiguity. Let me help.

I have a deep appreciation for growth in the midst of the crisis. It takes vulnerability, willingness to be challenged and resilience. The new post-COVID context exposes what we’ve learned to ignore. Even in challenging times we have a choice between stagnation and paralysis or creativity and movement.

Coaching is my favorite development tool, so I use it to help people build a bridge between what’s in front of them and what’s inside them. Think about it:

– Would you benefit from deeper self-understanding and seeing your life from different perspectives?

– Do you have moments when you are stuck or not clear enough to understand the situation and act efficiently?

– Have you ever sabotaged yourself by unwillingly falling into your own mind traps?

– Do you ask yourself the same questions: Am I enough? Am I worthy? Do I matter?

And, most importantly…

– Do you have a longing to be courageous and to fulfill your aspirations?

That is where developmental methodology and coaching can offer important support. You will be strongly influenced by this experience. It will enrich and enhance both your personal and professional life.

I would like to help you or your company to grow. If you feel that something needs to change and are ready and willing to dig deep, then now is the time to make a difference!